Framing Process

Phase 1 – Design Evaluation

Empire Framing will review the proposed design and make suggestions for improvements whether it be aesthetics, constructibility or cost effectiveness.

Phase 2 – Cost Estimation

Once the evaluation is complete, we undertake the estimation process to ensure the financial feasibility of your specific project. We can also provide you with alternative design estimates if you’re having difficulties deciding on what you want.

Phase 3 – Construction Planning

After the necessary documentation is completed, our team will begin the construction planning stages and finalize the start date, duration, end date, material delivery schedule and any special provisions that may be required for your specific project. This phase ensures that we move forward with the house framing process smoothly and efficiently.

Phase 4 – Construction

Our construction managers will oversee construction on a day-to-day basis and ensure the schedule adhered to. During this phase, any important project information will be shared via email to keep a well documented history of your project.

Phase 5 – Warranty

After construction is complete, Empire Framing offers a 2 year warranty coverage for all structural and non structural components of the home. This is just our way of taking the worry out of construction.